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Cruise Ship Priest Program

Basic Services provided by the Cruise Ship Priest:

  • Daily Mass for Cruise Passengers
  • Weekly Mass for the crew
  • Ecumenical or Interfaith services for non-Catholic Passengers
  • Pastoral care and visitation to the in-firmed for all passengers and crew
  • Other religious and spiritual responsibilities as requested

The priest receives his room and basic meals courtesy of the cruise line. However, he also pays gratuities, purchases excursions, and buys items onboard. 

AOS-USA appreciates our Priests’ service onboard for the Spiritual and Pastoral Care of the People of the Sea. Once you are an AOS-USA Cruise Ship Priest, yours is NOT a “free cruise”. You are onboard for service and ministry. This is a unique ministry of the Catholic Church, and one which we take seriously.

We expect each priest to read the AOS-USA Cruise Ship Priest Manual for more in-depth instruction. Cruise Ship Priest Manual Revised Oct. 2017Cruise Ship Priest Manual Revised Oct 2017.

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