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Getting ready for your cruise...

AOS-USA appreciates our Priests’ service onboard for the Spiritual and Pastoral Care of the People of the Sea. Once you are an AOS-USA Cruise Ship Priest, yours is NOT a “free cruise”. You are onboard for service and ministry. This is a unique ministry of the Catholic Church, and one which we take seriously.

We expect each priest to read the AOS-USA Cruise Ship Priest Manual for more in-depth instruction. In addition, we encourage you to attend the annual conference of the AOS-USA which is held during April or May of each year. Each of these conferences is an opportunity for further education and growth in Maritime Ministry.

The following information is preliminary information which should help you in preparing for your upcoming cruise.


Communication with cruise lines should be made through AOS-USA or the person who assigned you to your particular cruise. At no time should you or your guest contact the cruise line directly, unless requested to do so by AOS-USA.


Transportation to and from the ship is the responsibility of each priest, and his guest.

AOS-USA does have an arrangement with a company that offers special air/sea rates. For more information on this, please contact us at or PH: 409-985-4545.


Once assigned to a cruise, your cruise assignment agent will ask you for particular information, including your passport information, and possible VISA information. Please ensure that you submit a copy of your current, valid Passport to AOS-USA as soon as you are assigned. Your guest’s passport information is also requested, in addition to any Visa information for Australia, Brazil, or other countries as may be requested.


Passports: You must have a passport for all sailings. Your passport should be current and valid for six months beyond your cruise debark date.

Visas: It is the responsibility of each priest and his guest to secure any Visas or other documentation for your particular cruise itinerary. Australia and Brazil in particular, have special VISA requirements.

AOS-USA cannot give VISA information as requirements are constantly changing. We recommend that you contact:

Immunizations: It is the responsibility of each priest to find out what immunizations, etc may be required, according to the itinerary of your particular cruise. AOS-USA recommends you contact the CDC or your person physician for more information.


It is recommended that you acquire worldwide health and travel insurance before your cruise. Neither AOS-USA nor the cruise lines are responsible for any interruptions to your travel plans or any health concerns which may arise. It is important to AOS-USA that you have ample insurance to care for your needs in the event of an emergency.