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Cruise Ship Priest Members Renew

To complete your registration as a Cruise Ship Priest Member
we will need the following:
  • A photo of yourself for your id badge if you would like to change the one we currently have on file (jpg file)
  • A copy of your passport (email, fax or upload using this form)
  • A letter of approval from Competent Authority, this can be snail mailed or uploaded below. (view a sample)
  • Please fill in any available information below. Boxes marked with a (asterisk) must be filled in.
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    Cruise Ship Priest Program


    • Screen and approve Roman Catholic priests for ministry onboard cruise ships.
    • Provide cruise passengers validly ordained and accredited priests to serve onboard.
    • Ensure cruise lines are assigned approved and trained priests in good standing.
    For more information about the program, and our expectations of the priests onboard, please see our Cruise Ship Priest Manual

    It is a simple process and gets quick results!