AOS-USA sincerely thanks you for your service to the Passengers, Staff and Crew of your recent cruise. We pray that this experience was a rewarding one. Providing the Sacraments, Pastoral Care, Counseling, and a kind word to so many people far from home, is truly a work of Christ, and we thank you for your good work onboard.

Please tell us more about your cruise by filling in the evaluation below. If you prefer, you can download the form and submit your evaluation by fax or regular mail to the address listed on the bottom of the cruise evaluation.

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1. Evaluate the procedure for becoming a Cruise Ship Priest
2. Evaluate the procedure for accessing a cruise
3. Evaluate the remote preparation information (How useful was it?)
4. Evaluate the Day of Departure:
5. Evaluate joining your ship:
6. Evaluate your arrival on board:
7. Evaluate your daily life:
8. Evaluate your Priestly Ministry:
8a. Liturgical inventory:
8b. Average Weekly Attendance
9. Evaluate the Ministry to Crew Members
10. Personal Evaluation of the Cruise

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